Writing a face detection function for OpenFaaS

There is a new term in town that has been making its way to all of us for a couple of years now: Serverless. When I first heard this I was kind of confused as to what it meant. Everybody seemed to have an opinion about it but there were no real answers. The following definition from serverless-stack helped me clarify a bit: Serverless computing (or serverless for short), is an execution model where the cloud provider is responsible for executing a piece of code by dynamically allocating the resources.
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Tracking color objects with GoCV

Disclaimer: this blog post is just a port of Adrian’s tutorial at pyimagesearch where he shows how to track a ball using Python and OpenCV. I only changed a few things here and there and rewrote it using Go and GoCV. So all the credit should go to him I always prefer to start by showing what you’ll get if you stick to the end, so here it goes:
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Motion tracking turret with Gobot and GoCV - Part 1

The title says it, motion tracking turret using only Go, ready to have some func? This blog post will be divided into three main parts: Motion detection with GoCV, Controlling servo motors with Gobot and Putting it all together. In the first part, we build a lightweight motion detection algorithm that can run on low-power devices such as the RPi. In the second part we will show how to control servo motors with Gobot from the Raspberry Pi and in the last part we’ll explain how to go from detecting an object on an image to telling exactly the angles in which the servos need to move in order to track it.
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