Bringing Serverless to a webpage near you with Hugo & Kubernetes

Today I’m going to show how you can get a Netlify-like experience for deploying your static sites with two great tools: Hugo and OpenFaaS. In a future blog post we will be discussing about the JAMstack and how you can integrate existing tools with OpenFaaS. Pre-req Kubernetes You need to have a Kubernetes cluster up & running. I recommend DigitalOcean, it’s cost-efficient and very easy to set-up.
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Deploying Gogs to a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster

In this post I will show step by step how to create a Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean and then deploy Gogs to the cluster using a set of tools that automate all this. Creating the Cluster Choosing the Cloud Provider I chose DigitalOcean as the cloud provider since it’s the cheapest I could find and it has worked really well for me in the past, plus I was already familiar with a few of their products.
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